Buyer’s Guide

When you choose a Great Gulf home, you’re choosing better than you know. Our Buyer’s Guide explains why, and contains resources to help you find your next home and plan your purchase.

Buying a Great Gulf home:

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A different kind of home.

Your Great Gulf home is different – because it’s built just for you. Plus, it’s designed to make how you live your life better. With smart thinking and even smarter design we fill your home with light, energy and inspiration and transform the ways you live, work and play.

Prepare to be dazzled – with natural light

Natural light is at the centre of every Great Gulf home. Through the ingenious integration of energy-optimized windows, skylights and solar tubes we fill every room of your new home with natural light – light that not only makes your home more beautiful, but also makes it more environmentally friendly.

A marvel of energy efficiency

Your Great Gulf homes is a marvel of high efficiency living. The clever use of bright natural light, combined with high efficiency energy and water systems means you’ll save money on utility bills, while reducing the resources needed to run your home.

Complete comfort control

Personal comfort should never be beyond your control. For maximum comfort, your Great Gulf home comes complete with exceptional climate control systems to ensure total control over your home’s temperature, humidity and ventilation.

The home you want. Just the way you want it.

When you buy a Great Gulf home, you don’t just pick a floor plan – you play an active role in creating the house of your dreams. Choose from a stunning selection of handsome d├ęcor options and refined finishing details and create the look you like. From cabinetry, to flooring, to the colours on the walls – right down to the style of hinges and handles you choose for your interior doors – you’ll personalize almost every aspect of your new house to create a clean, classic style that’s all your own.

New vs. Used

Are there benefits to buying a newly built home?

No surprises

When you buy a brand new Great Gulf home, you know exactly how it’s built. There are no secrets, outdated materials or antiquated systems just waiting to be replaced.

Everything in your own style

Buying a new home means getting exactly what you want. From cabinet styles to floor coverings, to the colours on the walls, you pick the finishes, fixtures, and colour palettes that match your taste – not the previous owner’s.

State-of-the-art materials

Modern building materials and state-of-the-art construction techniques mean your new home will be more energy efficient and healthier. And thanks to fire-retardant materials, tempered glass and hard-wired, interconnected smoke alarms, it will be safer too.

Guaranteed for 1,2 & 7 years

Nothing says peace of mind like a guarantee! Your new Great Gulf home is fully protected against defects by Tarion’s new home warranty program, for 1, 2 & 7 years – from the day you take possession.

A Community Centered on Amenities

One of the best things about a newly built home is that the neighbourhood is designed with conveniences and amenities in mind. Easy access to commuting routes, parks and bike paths, schools, shopping: they’re all part of the plan.

How we Build Your Home

Great Gulf homes are built better - because they’re built with the world’s most advanced construction technology and next generation materials.

Industry leading quality

Great Gulf homes are built with superior standards, exacting specifications and exceptional engineering. Which means the walls and corners are square and the floors don’t squeak.

A healthier home to live in

Unlike other builders, Great Gulf protects your home from exposure to the elements (snow, rain, dust) helping to minimize the risk of mold and mildew in your new home.

Better for the environment

To dramatically reduce energy consumption and waste in the construction of your new home, Great Gulf employs advanced computer assisted construction techniques to achieve the highest sustainability metrics possible.

More reliable move-in dates

Because we build walls, floor panels and other elements of your house in a climate controlled facility, construction is less affected by bad weather - which means your move-in date is far less likely to be delayed.

Mortgage Calculator

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Use our mortgage calculator to run different scenarios so you can have an idea of what to expect, and determine the terms that are right for you. Enter a Principal Amount, Downpayment, Interest Rate, and Amortization Period; adjust the Payment Frequency and Term; then click Calculate to see what your payments will be. Change any or all of the variables and click Calculate again to compare results.

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