First Gulf and Great Gulf Support The Removal of the Gardiner Expressway East

There has been extensive coverage in the media recently about the future of the eastern stretch of the Gardiner Expressway. With four options on the table including remove, replace, maintain and improve. the decision facing Toronto City Council will impact the most prominent and exciting commercial development in Canadian history planned by First Gulf at the former Unilever site. Located  at 21 Don Roadway, on the east side of the Don Valley Parkway, north of the Gardiner, this impressive project will be Toronto’s “Canary Wharf”; an employment district comprising 15 million square feet of office and commercial development, providing 70 thousand jobs and the City with $150 million new tax revenues annually.

First Gulf CEO David Gerofsky was recently interviewed by the media on First Gulf’s development plans and support of the Gardiner Environmental Assessment removal option of the eastern portion of the Gardiner Expressway.

From the National Post: "Two years ago First Gulf bought the sprawling former site of the Unilever Factory. Lever Brothers had opened a factory on the site in 1890 to make soap; the factory closed in 2009. Mr. Gerofsky said his firm plans to demolish most of the factory site and erect new buildings with a total of 15 million square feet of space, providing a potential of 70,000 jobs. His firm is prepared to donate several acres of its site to the city, to allow Broadview Avenue to connect to Lake Shore. That way, the Queens Quay LRT could swing north to Broadview subway station. But this is only possible if the east end of the Gardiner comes down, he said.”

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From the Toronto Star: "First Gulf CEO David Gerofsky, who has been in talks with Metrolinx and the province, said he expects the Queens Quay LRT project to move ahead soon. The company proposes to turn the former Unilever site into Toronto’s Canary Warf, creating 15 million square feet of office space for 70,000 workers. Gerofsky said the development could bring in $150 million of incremental new property tax for the city.”

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From Global News: David Gerofsky from First Gulf talks about how removing the expressway can help benefit the city of Toronto.

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