I still find it hard to believe that I get to wake up and live in Active House Centennial Park for the next 6 months!!  It is such a surreal experience to go from a tiny Victorian semi that is in a constant state of renovation to a house that is modern, uncluttered, showered in daylight and completely finished!  I say it surprised me how quickly I adapted to my new surrounds but let’s be honest, it’s an easy transition to call Centennial Park home.

My first full day in Active House and I can truthfully say that it was relaxing.  Not something I typically say after hauling all our belongings and three kids into a new abode and spending the day unpacking and cleaning, but it was.  Was it the lack of “projects” lurking in the background, the fact that there was space for everything, the clutter-less shelves, the abundant light that softly lit the rooms or the fact that the outdoors was everywhere I looked?  A hard question to answer in the first week but one worth investigating.

As for the three little women, I don’t think they’ve seen much past the enormous sofa in the living room!  It spans an easy 12 feet with several footstool like islands that can be moved around into different jungle gym configurations. I am seriously considering how I can smuggle it out with the Christmas tree when we leave.  Sofa aside, I once again find myself posing an almost impossible question; is it the design of the space, the fact that there is an order of magnitude more space or the novelty of the space that is keeping the kids so entertained?  In this first week, they seem to be happy with less. Less toys are accessible to them, purely because I unpacked them in situ where the movers left them in the upstairs family room, but they don’t seem to be asking for the missing toys and are playing with the same toys in different ways.

As the weeks fly by as they always do in summer, the novelty of the space will diminish leaving only three questions to answer; is it the design, the daylight, or the volume of space that is making life in Active House less stressful?