Autumn, my all-time favourite time of year. When my complexion and hair match the surrounding environment and when we can finally say farewell to summer’s heat and glare. As much as I am enjoying the views of crisp blue skies and leaves floating in the breeze, I have never before noticed the change in daylight that this season brings. Sure, I’ve always noticed that the darkness creeps in earlier at night but who knew that me, the never-early-bird would be physically missing the morning light. I had a vague idea that the mornings were darker this time of year and before living in my house of windows I basically took Russ’ word for it as I was not usually awake enough to notice the dark. But after basking in two months of soft morning light, I find the fall significantly lacking. As my family and school roommates can firmly attest, I am not a morning person. Even after the girls were born, it would still take me hours to feel ready to “get up and go”. But this summer I’ve discovered a new me, one that still pauses for just a minute under the blankets before tackling the onslaught of snuggles and demands that is my morning but this time with my eyes open. I can read books within minutes of getting up and am making plans for the day before breakfast is even on the table! I found myself admiring the sun as it came through the windows and different times, changing the light in the room, casting new shadows (but don’t tell Russ as this is totally encroaching on his area of geekiness). Lucy didn’t even need music on in the morning as she had her shadow to dance with on the sofa. It was a magical time. So although I will not miss the baking heat, the dry dusty parks, the humidity of a tropical rainforest, and the layers of sunscreen someone with my autumnal complexion requires to survive, I will miss the light in all its summer-time glory as I try to convince my three little ones that 6:30am is the perfect time for a nap.

Bethany and the girls on a hike
Taking an autumn hike.