No not the Christmas season, the season that all parents with young children entering the school system for the first time know so well … the season of GERMS!! I like to boast that on the whole we’re a pretty healthy family. A year can go by without more than a runny nose, but with Lucy in grade 1 and Eleanor in JK we were taken out, one by one. Variety is the spice of life so Lucy had a fever and ear infection, Eleanor had a runny-sometimes-stuffy nose that brought us both to tears, Poppy had a 24hour fever so high it left her beautiful chubby cheeks chapped, Russ lost his voice which I found hilarious but the annoying nighttime cough was his sweet revenge and me … just a little taster of it all so I can sympathize with everyone.


Although Active House does not make us immune to the infections of the changing seasons, I have to say that of all the places to be quarantined while one kid passes on their germs to another, Active House Centennial Park is my number one choice. Once the one-of-a-kind, white, designer sofa was adequately protected with sheets and blankets it became our home for the next 7 days. But rather than feeling like we were trapped with the walls closing in on us, we enjoyed expansive views of the outside leaving us feeling connected with the world even though we couldn’t join it. We watched as the squirrels finally emptied and dragged away our bird feeder, we watched as the wind made a tumble weed of our neighbours trampoline. We watched the clouds scuttle by and the leaves float lazily down to settle, not to our lush green lawn but, at a distance in the more established neighbourhood.

Perhaps more significant than the meditative views of nature in leading to our quick recovery was the quality of the air in the home. When we’re all stuck inside for days at a time, a huge bonus, and now for me a housing necessity, is that by simultaneously opening a downstairs window and a skylight I was able to get a breeze through the house strong enough to ruffle Poppy’s hair! Sure her hair is as fine as silk and despite two years of growing barely reaches her shoulders but that mighty breeze took away the stale germ infested air in a matter of minutes and replaced it with fresh air filled with the smells of sunshine, leaves and a hint of rain. So in spite of the raging fevers, lethargy and snot trails, our days of quarantine were filled with daylight, fresh air and restorative vistas of the world outside … really, what more could you ask for?