Active House Centennial Park is a tranquil and calm setting that frames the daily chaos of life. Nonsensical as it sounds, it is true. The house is visually appealing sure, but it goes deeper than that. The design of the house fulfills our natural love of symmetry. But the secret of good design is a good architect and a good architect is like watching the performance of any elite professional …. effortless. They make it look easy. I had no idea how much thought, planning, mind-bending concentration that is required to achieve the simple elegant lines of Active House Centennial Park. I mean its just walls and ceilings right? But when you look closer you see that there are no bulkheads, no extra corners, no nooks or crannies to complicate the visual lines of the home. The alignment of walls and ceilings are so perfect and the space, although oversized, is perfectly proportional, so that our innate appreciation of symmetry is awed and we are at peace. And all of this is achieved without really knowing why we feel such contentment here and not elsewhere. Well, until our engineer husbands point it, out having measured and studied every detail!


The elegant lines of Active House Centennial Park not only give us a sense of well-being due to precision proportionality but also thanks to the connectivity of the space. Not only being able to see the girls at play but more so for my ability to see through the house, literally. It stops me in my tracks when I’m up in the family room and am able to look through the window, through the courtyard tree and back into the living room. It is just about the coolest thing ever! On our first visit, the views to our suburban surrounds were anticlimactic for the scale of windows in the home, but I really have come to love the rooftops and I am thankful for the treetops and skyscapes that those oversized windows allow me to see. I feel a connection to the outdoors that is normally reserved for actually being outdoors. Active House Centennial Park is a gift of excellent design and a bold move to sacrifice square footage for views and symmetry and these are things that I will now be looking for everywhere I go.