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Toronto Sun Highlights Great Gulf's Active House Launch In Bradford

October 20, 2023
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After introducing the world’s first Active House-certified home seven years ago, Great Gulf has announced its active house will soon be available in select communities across Ontario.

“Active House is a paradigm shift in building design, one that puts the health of both people and the planet first to create a better quality of life.,” says Tad Putyra, president, Great Gulf Low-Rise & Home Technology, and member of the international Active House Alliance’s Board of Advisory Committee. “The Active House label is a signal to homeowners that their house is designed to improve their overall well-being, and future-proofed for their evolving needs.”

Designed by in-house architects and constructed in Great Gulf’s 200,000-square-foot Toronto manufacturing plant, the house is built with prefabricated, CSA-certified wood panels using a robotically precise 3D computer modelling process that according to the company “pre-emptively eliminates issues before they arise.” The parts are then transported to the site for just-in-time assembly.

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